Terms and Conditions

Users or clients are entitled to agree upon our terms and conditions before taking our services. These terms and conditions make you understand the rights and obligations of customers and as well as of support providers. You have to agree on certain terms and conditions which are as follows:

  • The first statement deals with how our contract of services will go and regulate with you. The person who will use our services becomes our customer and he/she has to agree with our terms.
  • We provide you with the services after issuing licenses to you. We will give technical support if you sign the contract with us. We give all services through websites.
  • All the relevant details related to scope, data, financial statements, charges, periods and conditions will be furnished in an agreement which users have to sign.
  • Users or clients may see this agreement on the websites before according the services.
  • Our services are offered in order to support the business of our clients. If you would like to purchase our services then you can directly purchase it from the website.
  • If you want to take this service as consumer, then you can proceed this procedure through our distributor. The procedure of sales will be governed by the certain rules which will be present to you during the process of purchase.
  • We are not the sellers of software. We only give permission and grant license to our users to use the software.
  • We don`t give any physical proof and document to you although you can easily download it from the website. You can either download installation files or access software using website depending upon the nature of our freeware or software.
  • You have to create an account on our website before accessing it.
  • If you use freeware or software then we offer the specific upgrades and updates for software. Users may go to the website and download the installation files and use them with license agreement. After that the updates and upgrades will be saved automatically on the website.
  • Except if a redesign of a particular variant of the Software to a higher rendition is expressly set apart as complimentary, it will require installment as per the value rundown of this Software.
  • Our subscription is allowed in the different kinds of packages. You can subscribe with the limited or unlimited packs as per their comfort.
  • If your limited license period ends then you have to login with our website to retain a product license key or activate software or other options which are currently available for upgrade of the software.
  • We will automatically inform you about the updates when it will require.
  • All the content which is present on our website is copyrighted. You cannot claim on our content Our website will be accessible for fair purposes only. You cannot use our website in unlawful manner.
  • These Terms contain every one of our rights and commitments in connection to the Services. These Terms may never be altered, enhanced or supplanted without our assent. Our assent must be unequivocal and made in a different record. Our assent can't be claimed or induced from some other record, correspondence or other kind of articulation and, specifically, from the way that we acknowledge any report (paying little heed to its structure) that you send or convey to us previously, amid or after the permit buy process.
  • These terms may be amended and constructed according the laws of government. All disputes and conflicts which will arise from these terms will be present in the court.